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The Most Rugged Tablet on Earth?

Xplore seeks to build the world’s most rugged tablets. From industrialized applications for use on oil rigs to militarized tablets with stealth technology, Xplore delivers amazingly tough devices. Find out how they are pushing the envelope to extremes in the world of rugged tablets.

[1:11] What is the history of ruggedizing in the industry?
[1:54] What are new technologies coming that we can look forward to?
[3:20] What industries do you typically serve?
[4:41] What are the different levels of "ruggedized" do you provide – I imagine that the military has different needs than healthcare for instance?
[5:51] What are some of the things that make your hardware unique?
[6:05] What if I just want one to protect my device from children in the house?
[7:43] Do you make accessories and docking stations?